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International  Art and Design Association ,officially is referred to IADA. The association is jointly initiated by multinational designer, artist, creative design agencies, and research institutes. It is an officially registered, non-profit international socio-economic groups and self-regulatory industry management organization, which is established by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China  (registration Number: 58634346-001-07-12-9),Its business is under guidance and supervision of relevant government departments, while IADA is commissioned by the Government to undertake the management of the industry.
Association aims: To gather all kinds of design activities and institutions, social organizations and practitioners engaged internationally , the services for the industry, for business, for designers, for consumers, and safeguard the legitimate interests of the membership, promote rapid and healthy development of enterprise and industry which designers are engaged.

Association Business:
Develop investigation industry, coordinately deal with the major issues of the industry, paper industry development planning and policy suggestions.
Take personnel qualification and certification work
And the development of industry standards and regulations about the occupation morality, advocate, regulate the industry.
Training, academic exchanges, the introduction of new technology and new products, promote the enterprise quality and raise the level of industry.
Providing consultancy services, the publishing industry publication, to provide domestic and international market trends and technology to economic information to members.
Promote cooperation organization member, the industry exhibition, industry competition, promoting technological progress, to help enterprises to expand domestic and foreign markets.
Development with foreign counterparts, the reception of foreign visitors, to promote international exchanges and cooperation in the industry.

Association institutions:

Offices: the center of the regional headquarters, the Council, the Secretariat, the Office of Professional evaluation, Information Services Division, exhibitions, Liaison Department, published in Circulation Department.

Professional organizations: Graphic Design Professional Committee, furnishings art professional committee, packaging design professional committee, industrial design, interior design professional committee of professional committee, photography professional committee, mechanical, structural design professional committee, committee, a professional art professional committee, costume design landscape design professional committee of electrical design professional committee, animation design professional committee, calligraphy and painting professional committee.

Branches: the association in the United States, Britain, Denmark, Italy, France, Hungary, India, China ( Beijing: Chengdu ) and dozens of countries provided with branches and offices.
Association Journal:The International Design Community, IA+D