As a leading industry service organizations,  IDA for Chinese enterprises and designers to build a world-class designers to communicate, exchange, cooperation platform. Through learning from international leading consumption concept, marketing strategy, Design concept , architectural design and decoration building materials industry to inject new vitality into the development

1.Host unit
IDA International Design Association
2.The undertaker
Magazine of CE (Cutting Edge)
3.Support unit
The Embassy of Italy in China, Italy Foreign Trade Committee
4.Media support
China Business Daily, China Construction Association "A+A" magazine, Shopping Guide, Fashion Home Furnishing, Rui Li Home Furnishing, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Daily, JING HUA Times,Beijing Youth Daily, The BEIJING News, Legal Evening News, Beijing Morning News, letter News, Political News,Sina Home Furnishing Net, Sou Fang Net, Tencent Home Furnishing Net,SoHu Home Furnishing Network, Netease Home Furnishing Net, China Wood flooring Net, Chinese kitchen Net.
5. Time and place
Time:  2012/08/24 at 13:30-21:30
Summit place: Beijing agriculture exhibition hall,
“Second China International Design Summit”
The dinner place: Beijing 21Century Hotel