We tell the PM: It’s time to rethink the Ebacc

2012-12-12 10:58:38

We tell the PM: It’s time to rethink the Ebacc

Last week Richard Green, Chief Executive of the Association signed an open letter to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister calling for an extended consultation period on the English Baccalaureate Certificate to consider the serious concerns that have been raised and listen to the views of those who will be affected.

The letter was signed by over 100 other influential leaders of education, the creative sector and the arts. It repeats our concerns that the current EBC proposals would have a detrimental, narrowing impact on secondary education and risked marginalising creative and applied subjects like Design and Technology. You can see a copy of the letter here

This letter is the latest part of our long-running campaign to end the uncertainty that has faced Design and Technology since the Government announced its review of the National Curriculum in January 2011 and ensure that it retains its status as a popular and vital subject at the heart of education.

Our ‘We believe in Design and Technology’ campaign received signatures from over 13,000 people; a tremendous show of support from our members and an unprecedented level of support for any subject.

In December we delivered a robust response to the Government’s consultation on their EBC proposals, raising our concerns with the Secretary of State for Education that the proposals would undermine the ability of our schools to supply the talented designers, engineers and technicians of the future. You can find a copy of the letter that accompanied our consultation response here

These proposals have huge implications, not only for our young people and their future careers, but also for education professionals who will have to implement them and business and industry who rely on our schools to deliver the skills that they need.

We hope that with such a broad consensus the Government will now re-consider its plans and explore these concerns in more depth.

Below is a link to an article from BBC Education, discussing this letter:


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